Assembly photos


Trolley mounted onto module base

Insertion of repeater with final mechanics, into preproduction final design repeater crate

Dowel attachments with dowel attachment handles and safety screws

Module assembly equipment: hex head screwdriver 5, wrench 2.5, dowel attachments and handles, safety screws

Preparing free standing base and module mounting bridge for module mounting

Closeup of correct orientation of dowel pin attachment tool, with the two small dots matching the equivalent ones on the module bridge

Module base. Slot numbering starts from the number 1, on the Jura side, and counts all the slots, including those not equpped with modules.

Module base, showing cooling cookies with thermoflow attached, with the blue protection film still mounted and clearly visible

Thermal camera

Close up of top of module bridge mounting tool, with handles

Correct positioning of dowel attachment tool, prior to rotating. The short dowel is flush with the edge and the handle is fully screwed in

Rotating module bridge into position

Insertion of dowel attachment safety screw

Lowering module into position with module bridge screws

Correct use of screwdriver for tightening module base captive screws

Complete Module assembly equipment, up to cooling cookie stage

Removal of cooling cookie tuning fork

Use of torque screwdriver and Frans Mul cookie tightening tool

Material for cooling cookie tightening step: hex head 2.5 screw driver, torque screwdriver, Frans Mul cooling cookie attachment tool

Module 26 and Module 17 mounted onto the module base